Monday, 28 March 2011

Models Prefer - 5 Color blush & Eyeshadow Palettes (Warm & Cool)

Okay, So my camera won't conect to my laptop for some weird reason, so i will upload the picture of the products when i can get it to work, anyway, the product i will be reviewing today is the Models Prefer 5 Color Blush & Eyeshadow in the warm & cool palette.

I was just at priceline again and i seen a palette i liked, it had like smokey eye colors and the blush was very brown, i'm pale so i thought it wouldn't suit very well, that was the cool palette & then of course i happened to see the warm palette also.

The warm palette had one golden color, i would never wear, ever.

But the other three and the blush one me over, the blush is a light pink, its beautiful, then there is a dark purple, light purple and and glittery pink colour, which i love.

I got home and swatched these straight away, I love the feel of them all, a real soft chalky feel.

They are so easy to apply because one swipe in the product and you've nearly got it on your whole eyelid, also in the palette like most, you get three of the spongy eyeshadow applicator wands and then a little blush brush & at only $3.49* this product is great value!

*Special Price.
If you have tried this product, please comment below with your review, Thanks for reading :)

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